New Architectural Homes

The opportunity to construct a well-designed architectural project is both a privilege and a challenge. Holloway construction has constructed iconic architecture for renowned architects and satisfied clients within the Upper Clutha and Central Otago areas, building a reputation of quality, honesty and style since 1998.

We believe that our ethos of ‘one project at a time, well built’ fits synergistically with the requirements needed to fully understand intricacies hidden within an architectural design.

One architectural home built from start to finish

Naturally, we are very hands-on builders. Working on one large project at a time we are absorbed into each and every build, down to the very last detail. This means we have a real consistency and duty of care to every build. Holloways Construction works with our clients from start to finish and is with them every step of the way, meaning there’s less risk of missing any of the finer details that make each home special. We bring energy and passion to each project that we execute.

Architectural designer testimonial

“It is obvious that Brendan takes pride in his work and genuinely enjoys building homes. This can be seen in the many quality homes the Brendan has constructed over the years here in the Wanaka district.”

- Richard Vorstermans, Architectural Designer, MCV Design Ltd.

Iconic homes in Central Otago

Iconic homes begin with good design, achieved through the architect who imprints their style into the form, merging different materials and design ideas to create a look that only architecturally designed homes have. Holloway Construction then brings the drawings to life, imparting our skills, knowledge, experience and ideas into each project for its greater outcome and enhancement. For us, this is truly satisfying.

How we work as house builders in Wanaka

Being a builder is more than just picking up a hammer, it’s about skill, years of experience, but more than that, it’s about communication, trust and creativity. A lot of being a builder is about consulting with the client and architect along the way, to stay true to their vision while creating a practical and safe home that exceeds expectations. It can be about creating those finer details that elevate a build.

Creative solutions

When it comes to building an architectural home, plans can sometimes have undefined areas. This is where Holloway Construction shines, as we can not only bring to life what’s in the client or architects mind but also help fill in the blanks with a combination of stylish form and function making the design work in the space with signature bespoke detail.

Central Otago builders who specialise in sustainable buildings

The momentum towards sustainable building practices has been progressing over the last two decades. From the choice of material sources to increased wall dimensions allowing greater insulation R values, to higher spec'd window joinery, to insulated and isolated concrete slab and foundations. HCL keeps abreast with the new ideas, modalities and standards; becoming innovative when the opportunity presents and leading when the moment requires

If you’re designing a sustainable home, talk to Holloway Construction. We work with local materials including recycled timbers, steel, schist and more creating houses that are not only architecturally beautiful but have low impact and are energy efficient.

Your local Central Otago builders

Holloway Construction has built a reputation of quality, honesty and style. Holloway Construction believes in working with architects and owners to see their vision become a reality and to ensure their design stands the test of time. This involves using materials that are made to last and will give you a good return on your investment. With Central Otago’s dramatic landscape offering the ultimate canvas, we pride ourselves on delivering well-constructed iconic architecture to satisfied clients with whom the relationship has often matured into an on-going friendship.

Holloway Construction builds homes that are not only beautiful but practical. Good design looks good, great design simply works. Using quality materials that are the very best for your build will ensure you will not only like the look of your home but will enjoy living in it.

Central Otago builders with a difference

That’s what sets Holloway Construction apart from the pack, with each new build that we undertake, we partner with architects and owners from the start and work on one project at a time. This means we give each project 100% of our attention and are always there for consultation. We find establishing a solid relationship of quality communication between builder, architect, and owner is crucial to the success of each build.

Contact Holloway Construction today to discuss your architectural build.

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